Balance Your Body Naturally

Where Can I Get Professional Help?

In Canada

Are you seeking a health care professional who actually understands natural hormone supplementation? Hopefully the list below will help. Please let them know you found them on our site!

Carlyle Lotus Tree Wellness & Healing
Dr. Wendy Davis B.Kin., N.D.
phone: (519) 940-3600
Corbeil Wellness Unlimited
Maria Maille
phone: (705) 499-1492
Orangeville Harmony Health Clinic
Dr. Wendy Davis B.Kin., N.D.
phone: (519) 940-3600
Caval Clinique Vitacru
Annie Juneau
phone: (514) 351-3636
Montreal Clinique L'Aube
phone: (514) 389-3026

In the United States

Kokoro Health offers the hightest quality progesterone in an all natural emolient base, and has the exact amount of Progesterone USP that Dr. Lee and all other leading authoriites on hormone balancing suggest.

Do not be fooled by other companies offering only Wild Yam Extract (with no Progesterone USP), little amounts of Progesterone USP, or use an emolient base that is petroleum dirived.

To find out how and why Kokoro is the best and most natural product on the market, view the free eBook, “Good, Better, Best: How Do I Know Which Progesterone Creme to Buy?

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